To the Up Bar

Where to go in Prague for great shots and cold lemonades? To the Up Bar! 

Up Bar Žižkov - Panáky - Rumy, vodky, giny, koňakyYou’ve just arrived, you live in or near Žižkov and you’re just wondering where to go to soak up an atmosphere or throw back couple of great shots? Choose Up Bar!

Let us invite you to a cozy Žižkov bar with a menu full of high quality Caribbean and South American rums and a fridge filled with perfectly chilled soft drinks.

You´ll find us here: Googlemaps – Vlkova 29, Praha 3. (GPS: 14.4467324 / 50.0833278)

No Morgan or Havana

We only pour the world’s best rums like Ron Diplomatico, Centenario, Plantation, Atlantico, Botran, Blackwell, Don Papa, Zaya, Zacapa, Malteco, Jerry Sailor. You can also get top shelf Russian vodka, dry British gin, fine fragrant Scotch whiskey or aristocratic bourbons and cognacs. And in case you want something really czech we can recommend a luxury almond shot made in Hustopeče. Of course all shot are fairly filled up to the brim!

We offer beers as well, we have Braník 11° on tap and bottled Pilsner 12°, Corona, Birell, Guinness or Cider. We are well know for our premium german bio/vegan lemonadesFritz, Wostok and Biozisch. And for our less adventurous customers we stock Mattoni and Coca Cola in the fridge as well. Ice tea included.

Unique background for your selfies for free, inside Up Bar!

We open every day at 6:30 PM except for Sundays. We will be happy to recommend nearby restaurants that deliver and you can order in. DJs on occasion, sometimes boredom, often a huge party. We close only when it’s obvious it’s no longer worth it. We can and will call you a cab.

Stop by and let your Prague night start!

You will get to know the cutest Up Bar in Prague 3. You can find us on Vlkova street at the junction with Krásova, near Žižkov tower, just a few step from Husinecká tram stop.

Check it on Googlemaps – Vlkova 29, Praha 3. (GPS: 14.4467324 / 50.0833278)